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Formed in 1974 the British Texel Sheep Society has grown into the largest registry of Pedigree Texel sheep anywhere in the world. Today 2,000 Texel official breeders birth notify around 55,000 lambs with 20,000 females and 1,500 males going onto full pedigree registration annually. The Society and its nineteen regional clubs market some 12,000 breeding rams through 35 sales throughout the UK.


The Society is proud to be a founder shareholder of BASCO Data Ltd. A proven successful partnership between Breeder Organisations and Technologists from the Scottish Agricultural College and Signet Farm Business Consultancy. Primarily established to benefit sheep and beef pedigree recording, performance recording and to assist in breed development and improvement programmes. Through the society’s involvement and investment the public datatbase provides a focal point for information and dissemination of Texel breed pedigree nad performance data across the livestock industry.

The UK boasts a diverse geography which creates different needs in the promotion and marketing of Texels, which are addressed by the nineteen breeders’ clubs. The clubs have an in-depth knowledge of local traditions, market conditions and preferences and this experience means that they can deliver a more targeted service.

Area Directors are elected for a 4-year term from thirteen geographic regions. The policy of the Society is implemented by the Chief Executive and staff at the Society’s Offices at Stoneleigh Park, central England.

Whilst sales are either organised by the Society centrally or by the clubs regionally, all are conducted under a standard set of conditions, under the auspices of the Society and conducted by Society approved auctioneers.

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Society Services

The British Texel Sheep Society offers a number of services to both the pedigree breeder and the commercial farmer.


Flock Book, Pedigree sales, Pedigree sale catalogues, Sale transfers, Sale reports, Pedigree shows , Show results and reports, Semen & embryo catalogues, Promotional merchandise, Organising social events, News & press releases, Breed research & development, Society website, Society bulletin, Industry liaison