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CT Scanning


The Society provides a subsidy for each birth notified lamb scanned in addition to the EBLEX/HCC and QMS subsidy.

English and Welsh Members using the Mobile CT scanner
Scottish Members using the Static scanner at Edinburgh

This offers up to £4000 of Society funding to Texel recorders. 

Dates for CT scanning in 2016 (Texel dates highlighted):

Scan Date Scan Site Target Breed Closing Date
5thMay Edinburgh Charollais/Hampshire Down
10th – 11th May Stoneleigh Charollais/Hampshire Down
6th – 8th June Edinburgh Suffolk
5 – 6th July Stoneleigh Texel/Suffolk/Charollais
11th – 13th July Edinburgh Texel/Suffolk/Charollais
15th – 18th August Edinburgh Texel/Beltex
22nd – 23rd August Edinburgh Texel
28th August Aberystwyth Texel/Suffolk
10th – 11th September Thorganby Meatlinc
22nd September Edinburgh Texel/Suffolk

Signet Closing Dates for CT data for all CT scanned breeds can be seen below - please ensure your lambs are booked into the correct scanning session.

Breed Signet closing dates for data
Hampshire Down 16th May 2016
  2nd September 2016
Charollais 13th May 2016
  31st August 2016
Suffolk 10th June 2016
  5th  August 2016
  7th October 2016
Texel 13th July 2016
  24th August 2016 (later date to be organised for Aberystwyth scanned Texels)
  7th October 2016
Beltex 18th July 2016
  19th August 2016
Meatlinc 11th September 2016


Mobile Scanning Unit

What does CT scanning cost?

To use the CT service the following charges apply for 2016

  • SRUC scanner (Edinburgh) - £66 per lamb
  • Mobile scanner (Stoneleigh Park/Aberystwyth/Carmarthen) - £98 per lamb
  • Mobile scanner (Thorganby) - Meatlinc sire selection day and trial lambs (daily charge). Please contact SRUC if you want to use this date as the Meatlinc lambs must take priority.


The following subsidies have been offered for 2016

The subsidy will apply to male lambs only and will be for a minimum of 5 lambs per flock with a selection of sires represented.

  • AHDB - £55 per lamb.
  • QMS - 50% of per lamb charge.
  • HCC - breeders need to contact HCC individually to secure their subsidy.

Society Subsidy:

Scottish members using static scanner: £10 / lamb subsidy.
English members using mobile scanner: £19.50 / lamb subsidy.
Welsh members using mobile scanner: £26.50 / lamb subsidy.

This will reduce CT Scanning charges for Texel members to between £10 / lamb and £22.50 / lamb. You will be invoiced by the Society for your CT Scanning services.

Important  Information - Are your lambs eligible for CT scanning and the relevant subsidy?:

  • A minimum of 5 lambs from each flock is required to allow evaluations to be as accurate as possible.
  • A maximum of 15 lambs per flock or 10 lambs per flock if a breeder has lambs to be scanned from more than one flock.
  • Only male lambs are eligible for subsidy but we are happy to scan both males and females.
  • Lambs must be starved for a minimum of 4 hours before scanning.
  • Lambs should be back-fat scanned before they come for CT.
  • Lambs should be around 20-24 weeks of age at CT scanning.
  • Lamb numbers per day are flexible in Edinburgh but a full day (around 35-40 lambs) is preferred to make good use of our time and the facility.
  • The mobile scanner has been booked for a minimum of 2 days at each session. We must have 50 lambs per day, booked in for scanning, to enable a session to go ahead.
  • Numbers for the mobile scanner must be finalised 10 days before the scan date to allow us to confirm the scanner booking. Lambs withdrawn after this time will be charged at the full unsubsidised rate.


What can I do next?

If you are interested in CT scanning your lambs, contact Kirsty McLean at SRUC to book your lambs in for CT scanning.

Kirsty McLean Senior Technician and Manager,
CT Scanner Unit, Pentland Building, Bush Estate, Penicuik, Mid-Lothian EH26 0PH
Tel: 0131-535-3250
Fax: 0131-535-3404

Further information on CT Scanning

First trialled back in the early nineties using Texel sheep, CT Scanning of lambs has continued to offer major benefits for many breeds development.

There has been an increase in the number of pedigree lambs being CT scanned with Texel members offering the greatest influence, since the introduction of the mobile scanning service in 2009. The service has also opened up a few new research possibilities for the breed which has been very positive. 

> pdf CT update poster SBRT 2011

CT identified as a key accelerator for a breeds development

The benefits

The accuracy of Estimated Breeding Values for growth and carcass traits are greatly enhanced through the incorporation of CT data into the evaluation of your flock. Indexes and EBVs will be increased if CT measures prove an individual or family to be genetically superior.

CT scanning your lambs provides several benefits to your flock:

  • Use of CT to help identify elite lambs, amongst homebred ram lambs, to choose stock sires, has led to very high rates of genetic gain in many leading recorded flocks.
  • CT provides the only authenticated way to assess gigot muscularity and have it evaluated by Signet.
  • CT data and images provide a valuable way to support the promotion of recorded rams at sales.
  • CT scanning provides a great way to assess the genetic merit of less well recorded bloodlines.
  • Results are sent to Signet for inclusion in the database.
  • Breeders receive CT results and predictions for individual lambs as well as a breed average for the year.


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