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Club Report 2014

The Highland Area Texel Sheep Club held their annual flock competition recently with Mr. Brian Buchan, Clinterty Farm, Aberdour, Fraserburgh acting as judge.   The competition took place over three days with Mr Buchan accompanied by the  Chairman Stephen Sutherland, Jack Anderson and Jim Leitch travelling between Ross-shire, Caithness and the Orkney Islands to complete the judging of 14 flocks.  The awards for the competition were presented at a Dinner held in The Kirkwall Hotel, Orkney.

Special Prize            Best Stud Ram and the Croftdhu Trophy was won by

                                    Charles & Isobel Angus, Oldfield Farm, Thurso

                                    (Oldfield Timebomb)

                                    2nd   Jack Anderson, The Cloy Farm, Fortrose,

                                    (Tapanui Squire)

                                    3rd    Jim Leitch, Feolquay, Evie, Orkney

                                    (Haymount Ukelele)





Judge : Brian Buchan – CLINTERTY

Best Large Flock

Best Medium Flock

1st Keith Hourston - DIDCOT

1st Douglas Webster – LOWER REISS

2nd Charles & Isobel Angus - OLDFIELD

2nd James Cowe - HOXA

3rd Johnnie Campbell - BARDNACLAVAN

3rd Stephen Sutherland - SIBMISTER

Best Small Flock

Ewe Lambs Large Flock

1st John Forbes - BOULTACH

1st Charles & Isobel Angus - OLDFIELD

2nd Alan & Ewen Simpson

2nd Keith Hourston - DIDCOT

3rd Euan Campbell

3rd Johnnie Campbell – BARDNACLAVAN

Ewe Lambs Medium Flock

Ewe Lambs Small Flock

1st James Cowe - HOXA

1st James & Elsie Wishart

2nd Douglas Webster – LOWER REISS

2nd Euan Campbell

3rd Robert Rendall - WESTRAY

3rd John Forbes – BOULTACH

Best Stud Ram

1st Charles & Isobel Angus – OLDFIELD TIMEBOMB - AOO1201687

2nd Jack Anderson – TAPANUI SQUIRE - MBX1100261

3rd Jim Leitch – HAYMOUNT UKELELE - AWJ1300535

Best Overall Flock

Reserve Overall Flock

Keith Hourston – DIDCOT

Charles & Isobel Angus - OLDFIELD

Overall Pen of Ewe Lambs

Charles & Isobel Angus - OLDFIELD



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