Derbyshire Texel Club


Ms Kerry Allsopp 
Fresh Fields Farm
Pike Hall 
Tel: 01335 390 306  
Mob: 07792 442318


Miss Emma Sparks
Barrack Farm
Beresford Dale, Hulme End
Buxton, Derbyshire
SK17 0HQ
Tel: 07792 723281


Mr Ron Darlington
Barrack Farm
Beresford Dale, Hulme End
SK17 0HQ
Mobile: 07772 710706

Vice Chairman:

Laura Stott, 102 Spitfire Road, Castle Donnington, Derby, DE74 2UA
Tel: 07976914474

Hartington Wales Sports Country Show 2016 

Texel Results 

Class One – Shearling Tup or Over

1st – Charlie Boden (2192) – BGS

2nd – Andrew Barnes (0200) – BTZ

3rd – William Lees

4th – Rebecca Dykes and Andrew Gosling

5th – Karen Wilton

6th – Paul Kirkham – 

7th – Jo and Brian Newton – NWT

8th – Jo and Brian Newton – NWT

Class Two – Tup Lamb

1st – Jo and Brian Newton (00114) – NWT

2nd – Charlie Boden (02160) – BGS

3rd – Charlie Boden (02184) – BGS

4th – Jo and Brian Newton (00128) – NWT

5th – Andrew Barnes – BTZ

6th – Ron Darlington - VBD

7th – Harry Turner - DTA

8th – Jack Plant - PLZ

Class Three – Age ewe to have reared Lambs in 2016

1st Rebecca Dykes and Andrew Gosling

2nd Dean Clamp – CTI (RFF60)

3rd Andrew Barnes – BTZ (134)

4th William Lees

5th Karen Wilton

6th Karen Wilton

Class Four – Shearling Ewes

1st Charlie Boden (8631) - BGS

2nd Charlie Boden (01682) - BGS

3rd Andrew Barnes (01996) - BTZ

4th Dean Clamp  (00384) - CTI

5th Paul Kirkham (00302) -

6th Dean Clamp - CTI

7th William lees

8th Paul Kirkham 

Class Five – Ewe Lamb

1st Charlie Boden (108) - BGS

2nd Ron Darlington (796) - VBD

3rd Jo and Brian Newton (136) - NWT

4th Jo and Brian Newton (117) - NWT

5th Andrew Barnes (2328) - BTZ

6th William Lees

7th Jack Plant

8th Dean Clamp

Class Six – Best Pair

1st Charlie Boden

2nd Jo and Brian Newton

3rd Paul Kirkham

4th Rebecca Dykes and Andrew Gosling

5th William Lees

6th Dean Clamp

7th Andrew Barnes

8th Karen Wilton

Champion Texel:  Charlie Boden – Shearling Ewe (8631) BGS

Reserve Champion Texel: Jo and Brian Newton – Ram Lamb (00114) NWT

Young handlers – Ages from 3 - 13

1st Jack Webster

2nd Jayden Clamp

3rd Derby Collage

4th Jack Plan

5th Josh Wright

6th William Wilton

7th Charlie Barnes

8th Emma Barnes


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Club Report 2015


It has been another busy year with shows and sales and also more.

End on May, a weekend away organised by Frank & Kerry with a lot of help from Alastair Gault and Alison to Ireland.  Which 30 clubs members and friends from all ages went.   The weekend was compacted with seven great flock visits, Ballymenna Show and the National Stud Farm.  Safe to say that this year’s trip was enjoyed by all members, where we saw some outstanding quality sheep and great hospitality shown by our visits.  Roll on trip 2016!!

Our annual open day was held on the 4th July with kind invitation of the Ben Vernon and family at Marston Brook Farm.  Club members produced a wonderful display of sheep for Judge Mr George Wilkinson, Arkel Flock remarked about the quality of sheep from start to finish.  We had a fantastic turn out of family, friends and members, the day was great success with good weather and plenty food and drink.  The champion being Ben Vernon, and reserve Charlie Boden and the winning Young Handler Jack Barnes.

The flock competition was held as usual in August, with a good entry in both Open and Newcomers.  These were judged by Mr Jeff Aiken, Procters Flock, after which a meal with prize giving was held in the evening of the second day. The Champion was Ben Vernon and Reserve Champion was Andrew Weston.

How the year flies by, with the 20th Annual Show & Sale held on Saturday 19th September at Bakewell Agricultural Centre, Judge was Anne Hughes.  The champion was a Ram Lamb from Hayden Fletcher, Damdale Flock and Reserve Champion was a Ewe lamb from Andrew Barnes, Dreway Flock.  Thanks to Ron Darlington and Emma Sparkes for organising this year’s club show and sales, and also to all the sponsors.  The committee decided to serve teas, coffee and cakes to raise money for the clubs chosen charity we would like to say thanks to who helped and donated on the day.

The club would like to congratulate Ben Vernon, Charben Flock in getting champion pen of ewe lambs and Andrew Weston, Limestone Flock winner the overall champion flock for 2 years in a row at this year’s NWTBC flock competition.

Congratulations must also go to Matthew and David Prince, Hightecs Flock for wining small flock in this year’s Midlands Texel Club.

Our annual general meeting was held on the Tuesday 24th November 2015 at the Duke of York Pomeroy near Buxton, which had a fantastic turn out with no less than 80% members attended, this goes to show the club is doing something right with some of the members travelling some way just to listen to the chairman and Treasurers report for the year.  All members that attended were treated by the Club with a great buffet which was top class, were we all had a real good time and catch up.

Our New Year party was held in January at the Bentley Brook Hotel, Ashbourne which was attended by members’ friends and family, we had a comedian and disco to entertain us, which proved to be very successful and enjoyed by all.

This year has been a great year for the club with signing up new members.  Some very keen young members and some join for the social side of things.

The club would like to say a big thank you with presenting an engraved vase and flowers to Janet Young for being the Secretary for the club for many years holding the club together with all her hard work what has made the club a great success.  The club would like to say thanks for Ben Vernon doing a great job has the Chairman’s role by taking the club forward, and putting so much hard work in the running of the club.  We welcome the new Chairwomen Sarah Seals also Ron Darlington for taking the role on has Vice Chairman.

The Club has had good year and I must thank the committee and everyone for all your support, and wish you all the best for 2016.

Best Wishes

Kerry Allsopp


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